Stand out from the crowd in our Neon Pink Hoofies.

Neon Pink Hoofies

  • At Hoofies, you come first. 


    We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. We want you to leave with a smile on your face that says, “job well done.” Our commitment is to our customers, and our passion and dedication always results in quality work.


    We want you to remember Hoofies. We want you to walk away satisfied. To us, word-of-mouth is important, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. We can promise that we will stay true to our values so that you will be eager to work with us again.


    We have a 30-day "Make it Right" return policy, meaning, that if for any reason during the first 30-days after you place your order you aren't happy with your Hoofies we'll make it right by either refunding your money or replacing your order.

  • We ship to most places worldwide using the US Postal Service. Standard shipping to the US is $4.95 per order and global shipping is $33 per order. For questions regarding shipping please email info@hoofies.co.