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The Birth of Hoofies

The idea for Hoofies was born because of two primary reasons.

One, to produce a product that would give bold colors to equine hoof capsule while being easy to remove to prevent the farrier from having to rasp off materials that were applied weeks, even months before.

The second reason is for the health of the hoof wall which can effect the health of the entire foot. For example, the hoof is exposed to many strains of bacteria. If there is an opening or a crack in the hoof wall it could be entry point for bacteria to grow in the softer tissue such as the "white line." If bacteria is allowed to enter the hoof wall and then is covered with a product not designed for the hoof, it can create the perfect environment for that bacteria to grow and in extreme cases, cause abscesses.

For those reasons the Hoofie was designed for an 8-12 hour event and is very easy to remove, preventing the two problems.

I hope this helps and as always, if you have any questions or any topics you'd like to see covered in our blog, shoot us a message here.

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