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Spring is in the Air! 🌼🌸💐🌷

In this blog I want to visit some of the changes that occur with the changing of seasons concerning the equine hoof, specifically changes that occur from winter to spring.

As the days get longer and the horse is exposed to more hours of sunlight they lose their winter coat and the hoof begins to grow more aggressively. The nutrients that supply the growth of hair and growth of hoof wall are connected.

Because of that the the hoof will be growing faster than it did during the fall and winter months.

It is now more important to keep hoof maintenance on a rigid 6-week schedule so the hoof does not get out of balance too quickly. If the hoof is out of balance then the horse is asked to do extensive work and injury to the lower leg is at a higher risk.

I hope this helps and as always send us your questions and comments.

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