Frequently asked questions

How many Hoofies come in a set?

All Hoofies come in sets of 4.

What sizes are available?

Most Hoofies are available in medium and large, and several Hoofies are available in mini. See the diagram below.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yep, we ship pretty much everywhere.

How hard are they to put on and take off?

They are super easy to apply and remove. Check out our videos on our homepage or check out our Application & Removal page for complete instructions.

How long do they last?

While Hoofies are designed for a one-time use application, they will last for up to 12 hours under most conditions.

I'm a barrel racer, won't they fall off?

Hoofies will stay on under most conditions no matter if you're running barrels, roping, leading a parade, or anything in-between. Remember, we've got you covered and you can check out our return policy here.