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Fun From The Ground Up​

Hoofies Are All About Fun From The Ground Up!

Our Hoofies are designed to provide fun and excitement in any event for young and old, male or female alike. Based in the heart of Fort Worth Texas, we have grown our company into an outstanding and reputable organization in the horse industry. We are very serious about this commitment while still having fun with what we do, all while bringing attention to the foot. Hoofies wants to aid in the education of hoof care and overall health of the equine foot.

A dimensional manufacturing process allows our glitter Hoofies to have that true glitter finish. With a wide variety of colors, trendy designs, fun neon, and of course Glow-In-the-Dark Hoofies for that perfect occasion, we also offer customization such as logos, names, brands, etc. With the variety of colors and designs, there is a set of Hoofies for everyone! Everyone can easily see that the quality of our products is standing at the forefront of the organization!
Get your horse in style with Hoofies!

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