Hoofies was founded in 2015 by Becky Attales and Terry Whitman. Terry grew up on ranches in Wyoming. His father (Bud Whitman) was a ranch manager on various ranches, so Terry grew up on a horse. “My dad shod our horses until I was a junior in high school, but then he made my brother and I shoe our own.”  He went to farrier school in his late 30s. “My eyes were opened on what horseshoeing was all about,” said the 48-year-veteran of the trade. “Grant Moon showed me how to make a career out of horseshoeing – there is an entire therapeutic avenue to horseshoeing that got me fired up.”

Becky had a career in being a stay at home mom with five kids. She started her own construction company that employed her kids for 25 years.  Her degree in business management has come in handy as the couple started Hoofies.


Hoofies was born out of necessity. “In my years as a farrier, I’ve seen a wide variety of different materials used to apply glitter and color to bring attention to the horses’ hoof. Some of those materials were not very healthy to the hoof itself.” If the hoof wall happens to have a crack and there are bacteria in there and someone comes along and covers it up, it creates a perfect environment for that bacteria to grow. That can develop into an abscess and a sore horse. "Over the years I have seen all kinds of material used. Paint, rough adhesives, glue, hairspray, you name it," said Terry. All of which are very hard to get off and in turn left for weeks until the farrier's next visit.


Knowing that decorating horse's hooves wasn't going to stop anytime soon, Becky and Terry knew there had to be a better way. “I came home from work one day, having ruined my rasp trying to get material off a hoof. We decided to come up with something else.” The first idea was a paint and remover that would make the process easier. They tried to come up with a formula, but it didn’t work mainly due to the time-consuming process of painting. That’s when the decal was formulated.


It took almost a year to find the right material for the decal and another nine months to find the right adhesive. The ultimate end was a product that left behind no residue, was easy to take off but didn't come off before you were done using it. After five different adhesive trials, they had finally completed what is now known as Hoofies.


Hoofies is a simple peel and stick decal made to dress up and bring attention to a horse hoof for any occasion. They are easy to apply, easy to remove, and when used for the recommended time (8-12 hours) they are safe for your horse! Hoofies come in 32 different styles including glitter, neon, glow in the dark, animal prints, patriotic prints, and many more! They are available in sizes to fit miniature ponies all the way up to a size two or three shoe. Save time, save money, and most importantly save your horse's health!